Installing ReShade to RageMP

While FiveM is a multiplayer modification platform for Grand Theft Auto V, it requires the ReShade injection binary to be in RageMP’s folder to run.

Unfortunately, this is the way that the developers of RageMP have set up their client, and there is nothing that we can realistically can do about it.

In order to install ReShade properly to RageMP, you can proceed with the following step based guide that is presented below:

RageMP uses Easy Anti-Cheat. Any shaders which require the depth buffer or addons will not work when playing online.

Step 1: Open RageMP’s install folder

  1. Open up the install location of RageMP with File Explorer,

    If you are struggling to find the install location of RageMP, follow our guide here on finding your game’s executable.

    RageMP Install Location

  2. Once open, copy the location of the game from the address bar in File Explorer.

    RageMP Install Address

  3. Download the latest copy of ReShade from the ReShade Website.

Step 2: Install ReShade

  1. Open the ReShade Installer.

  2. In the ReShade Installer, click the browse function in the bottom right hand corner, and File Explorer will open.

  3. Paste the location of the game into the address bar of the File Explorer Window that has oppened.

  4. Click ragemp_v.exe and then click “Open” in the bottom right hand corner of the File Explorer Window.

  5. Continue with the ReShade installation as normal.

Step 3: Verify ReShade is working

Launch your game and verify that ReShade has been installed properly.