iMMERSE: Launchpad


This shader is required to be used for Marty’s Mods shaders RTGI and ReLight. It can also be optionally used with MXAO.

iMMERSE: Launchpad is a helper shader for other Marty’s Mods shaders like RTGI, MXAO, and ReLight. Because of this, you won’t see many visible changes on screen.

Smoothed Normals

  • Smoothed Normals Configures the normals to be smoothed or not. Smoothed normals allows for RTGI and ReLight to provide much better lighting than they could with the original normals.


Textured Normals

  • Textured Normals Sample Radius: Adjusts how far the shader samples for textured normals. Setting this too high can reduce detail or distort normals in MXAO, RTGI, or ReLight.

  • Textured Normals Intensity: Adjusts the strength of the textured normals. Setting this too high can create exaggerated normals where they shouldn’t be.

    Texture Normals Intensity

  • Textured Normals Quality: Ranges from 1 to 3, allowing you to control the quality of the textured normals. It’s best to set this to 3 unless you need better performance.